Onboard Students & Schedule Classes 3X Faster, Without Any
Need for Them to Contact You.

OClass lets you bring your classes online for more visibility and automates your
booking process. Schedule and manage sessions all on the go.

With OClass, you can:
  • Showcase your various classes and membership options online
  • Allow students to make bookings and payments online with ease. You can turn off the payment option if you like.
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts and expensive no show-ups with the Calendar Scheduling Feature.
  • Confirm bookings and reschedule sessions/classes without back-and-forth calls or emails.
  • Specify and manage your cancellations and refund policies to promote transparency & gain clients’ confidence.
  • Assign instructors to each class scheduled through the instructors’ portal.

Drive up Membership Retention.
Services That Look Better, Sell Better

OClass helps you inspire delight that builds a loyal customer base through its personalized student’s portal.

With a personalized profile for each student containing their personal details and information such as why they signed-up for the classes, you can offer tailored services to specific groups and keep them engaged.

One delighted customer gets you another at no cost per acquisition through word of mouth buzz.

Get to Know Who and What to Focus
on—to Pick up the Slack

OClass provides you with robust reports on sales, students, staffs and your general business performance to give you the needed insights for key decision-making. OClass lets you:

- Generate sales reports by type (course/membership) and by date/period in order for you to monitor sales trend based on specific categories and make better decisions to grow your business.

- Generate daily/weekly class schedule summary reports. View class attendance by students/courses/teachers to identify popular classes and see teachers’ load on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

- Keep track of your students’ performance with the Frontdesk feature—allows you to monitor each student's attendance and grade their performance based on preset criteria. You can also keep notes on each student.

Setup with Clicks, Not Codes
& a Phone Call Away Technical Support (If

OClass is built with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. You do not require any coding or software expertise knowledge to set it up entirely.

Based in Singapore, OClass is available to provide free installation, training and ongoing technical support, if at all you need it. We’re just a phone call away from local businesses.

Features to Help You Acquire &
Retain Students with Ease

Class Setup & Schedule

Take the burden off yourself and outsource your scheduling to OClass. You can set up different classes and sessions online with OClass. This feature module allows students to sign-in, choose their preferred class and schedule a session.

Calendar Sync

Sync schedule with your favorite calendar app to avoid schedule conflicts & auto-fill open spots in your calendar schedule.

Online Payment

Accept payments securely online through integration with trusted payment gateways. You can turn off this option anytime. Specify cancellations and refund policies to attain complete transparency.


Frontdesk is user-friendly interface to let you monitor students’ attendance and grade students’ performance based on preset criteria, all in one place.

Personalized Student Profile

This feature module allows you to setup a fully customizable profile for each student and gives them accessibility to their profile to foster engagement.

Students Database (with Search Filters)

OClass has a robust student’s database contain useful info about each student & their engagement activities that can be utilized in making tailored service offerings and well-targeted marketing campaigns. DB is easily accessible with robust search filters.

Instructor Profile

In addition to having instructor resumes at your fingertips, the instructor profile also contains details to help foster engagement with your employees, manage and assign classes to them.


Get a quick overview of your business performance and make data-backed decisions by generating robust sales, attendance and student progress summary reports with a click.

Admin Module

Manage users’ access to ensure system security by setting up access levels/roles for users. OClass lets you assign roles and manage user access for administrators, managers, and instructors by defining their access to specific branches of the system.

Integration & API

Seamlessly integrate OClass with your other third-party tools and apps in a single click to streamline your workflow. Extend OClass capability with custom API integration to suit your business needs.

See how OClass can simplfy your work process.

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